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Having spent 15 years of my life as a drummer, and heavily involved in the rock’n’roll scene in Australia, i have to say that Iron Maiden are not the first ‘rock gods’ to fly in a private jet or airliner marked up with their respective band names…… however. Bruce Dickinson, or should i say Capt. Bruce Dickinson takes it to a whole new level and indeed a first!

Apart from being Iron Maiden’s front man and singer, Capt Brian Dickinson is also a commercial airline pilot, not just a private pilot, and holds down a second job as a paid commercial airline pilot.

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The band has brought new meaning to the word ‘touring’ with an incredibly successful touring model, which see’s the band haul all their own equipment and crew in the one  Boeing 747 airliner, piloted and Captained by their lead singer. .. and yes, he actually flies it, takes off and lands every single time..

What a way to marry both your passions! See more about Bruce’s incredible life, and the band’s incredible plane. Ed Force Once.



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