H145 demonstrates offshore capabilities – Charles D’Alberto

Charles D'Alberto

Airbus Helicopters’ H145 helicopter was able to perform offshore operations during a two-day flight trial conducted by Wiking Helikopter Service and HTM Offshore, Airbus Helicopters announced on 5 February.

During the test, the H145 twin-engine multipurpose helicopter performed multiple offshore missions. The flight test programme included missions such as hoisting technicians onto offshore wind turbines, approaching the wind park alpha ventus in the German Bight and landing on the transformer platform during wind speeds of up to 50kts.

Alexander von Plato, managing director, Wiking Helicopter Service, said: ‘Our rescue helicopters are constantly on stand-by for offshore HEMS. Every unit is staffed with a doctor and an assistant and ready to embark on a mission in a minimum amount of time. The H145 would qualify perfectly for these missions, given that it features tremendous levels of performance and a spacious cabin.’

Lars Hilgert, chief flight coordinator, Wiking, said: ‘We are very positively surprised with the intuitive Helionix cockpit of the H145 and its 4-axis autopilot with auto-hover function. These systems contribute to the helicopter’s high levels of safety in every scenario. At the same time the workload of the crew is reduced, allowing them to safely accomplish their mission even in the harshest of weathers.’


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